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Patrick Green

Actor & Model


Meet Patrick- a talented performer with a story to tell.  Hailing from a small town in Texas, Patrick grew up playing sports like football, and devoting himself to track, hurdles, and pole vault.  His dedication led him to numerous state championships.  However, his passion extended beyond the athletic field, as he discovered his love of theater in high school.  Earning theater awards at the state level, this experience ignited a drive within him to pursue this outlet for his boundless creativity.   Throughout his college years, Patrick continued to follow his love for theater while also participating in college level track and field. He embraces outdoor activities like sand volleyball, watersports, skiing, and snowboarding.  Patrick's adventurous spirit shines through every aspect of his life.

Patrick's heart lies in roles filled with action and intrigue.  His true passion emerges when he delves into a character's reality, exploring their humanity and depth.  With the aim of forging a personal connection with the audience, Patrick channels his unwavering dedication and energy to bring characters to life in a way that leaves a lasting impression.





Agent – Condra Artista

8533 Fairhaven St.

San Antonio, TX 78229

Tel: 210-492-9947​

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